About Us

and more - not just sampling your products, but using them to build, expand, and strengthen their social relationships.

Who is GLASS? We’re engineers and futurists with a passion for blockchain, spicy cocktails, board games,

and 80s cover bands. Reach out to us at cheers@glass.fun.

GLASS is on a mission to connect social brands to social experiences.

We’re facing down a global loneliness crisis - and at the same time, some of the world’s largest industries depend on people forming social connections.

Our goal is to create a future with fewer ads, and more social experiences.

How? GLASS is a turnkey rewards and community management platform purpose-built for food and beverage brands, initially focusing on beer, wine, and spirits.

With GLASS, brands offer social, gamified challenges that help them reach and reward consumers during social occasions. GLASS’s tools rewards consumers not just for buying products, but for turning those products into experiences.

Reward your fans for:

Hosting events

with friends

Visiting bars and restaurants

Sharing photos and recipes

As your fans help your brand grow, they unlock exclusive
social rewards and experiences, including:

VIP event tickets

Free drinks

Celebrity shoutouts

Other unique, money-can’t-buy rewards